• Motor yachts
  • Super yachts
  • Fast planing vessels
  • Explorer yachts
  • Yacht Support Vessels

Benefits Hull Vane®

Increased Comfort

  • Improved comfort when travelling through waves thanks to the reduction of the vessel’s motions (5-15% for passive Hull Vane®, 25-45% for dynamic Hull Vane®).
  • Reduced seasickness.
  • More enjoyable onboard experience.


  • Higher speeds due to reduced resistance.
  • Improved sailing characteristics.
  • Same range available at higher speed.


  • Reduced exterior noise levels due to reduced stern wave.
  • Reduced interior noise levels due to lower propeller and engine loads.
  • A more enjoyable on-deck experience thanks to overall lower noise levels.

Other Benefits

  • More usable space available thanks to smaller engines and associated systems.
  • Lower emissions (over speed range).
  • Extended range (over speed range).

Foil Assist benefits

  • Improved sailing comfort and safety.
  • Reduced pitching and slamming.
  • Improved sailing behaviour.
  • Less spray for a drier ride.
  • Higher speed when sailing through waves
  • Reduced seasickness.