Naval & Patrol Vessels

  • Naval vessels
  • Patrol vessels
  • Coastguard vessels
  • Mine countermeasure vessels
  • Frigates
  • Offshore patrol vessels
  • Harbour patrol vessels
  • Survey vessels
  • Landing platforms/docks (LPDs)
  • Corvettes
  • Landing crafts
  • Interceptor Craft
  • Police boats

Benefits Hull Vane®


  • Higher speed thanks to reduced resistance.
  • Improved sailing characteristics.


  • Same range at higher speed.
  • Extended range.


  • Reduced motion in waves produces a stable platform for crew to execute their mission.
    • Safer launch & recovery of daughter craft or USV’s.
    • Safer helicopter/drone landings.
    • Improved working conditions for crew.


  • Reduced exterior noise levels thanks to reduced stern wave.
  • Reduced interior noise levels due to lower propeller and engine loads.
  • Lower propeller and engine sound radiation.

Wash & Wake

  • Reduced stern wave makes vessel less traceable by airborne vehicles.
  • Reduced vessel wake also makes vessel less vulnerable to wake-homing torpedoes

Foil Assist benefits

  • Improved sailing comfort and safety.
  • Reduced pitching and slamming.
  • Improved sailing behaviour.
  • Less spray for a drier ride.
  • Higher speed when sailing through waves
  • Reduced seasickness.