25m Harbour Patrol Vessel RPA8


Scope of case study

Length: 25m
Built by: Kooiman Shipyard
Status: Hull Vane® built, ship delivered
Installation: 2017
Hull Vane type: TT-shaped, appended
Speed: 10-19 knots
Results, based on model tests at Marin:

  • 25% power reduction at 10.8 knots
  • 29% power reduction at 14.6 knots
  • 22% power reduction at 18.9 knots

Interesting fact

Sailing in inland waters in a densily populated area, the reduction in wave height and emissions helped the shipyard win the public tender of the Port of Rotterdam. Based on the operational profile and model test results, yearly savings from the Hull Vane® amount to 57.000 liters of diesel and 150 tons of CO2 emissions. Two very similar harbor patrol vessels are currently in build with Hull Vane® at Kooiman Shipyard.