34m Explorer motor yacht – Lady Lene


Scope of case study

  • Length: 34m
  • Built by: Van der Valk Shipyard
  • Installation: 2021 Hull Vane® – new build
  • Hull Vane type: U-shaped, integrated
  • Speed: 18 knots max

Interesting fact

Result: 12.5% at 11 knots, 7% at 14 knots, 1% at 18 knots.
Minimal wake, resulting in exceptionally quiet aft deck. Lady Lene has won a prestigious Judges Commendation at the Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2022 for “styling and performance quite unlike her rivals in this class” and “a wealth of merits that deserve recognition.”  Lady Lene’s Fast Displacement hull, wave-piercing bow and Hull Vane transom wing offer a superb performance and major fuel savings.