17.50m M/Y Sturiër 565 OC – Hemera


Scope of case study

  • Length: 17.5 meter
  • Built by: Sturiër Yachts
  • Installation: 2021 Hull Vane® newbuild, delivered,
  • Hull Vane type: TT-shaped Hull Vane, appended
  • Speed: 10-11 knots.

Interesting fact

10 knots without HV. With HV 11,1 knots. 30% less fuel consumption

For more than 40 years, we have visited coastlines in Europe and Scandinavia with our sailboat. During these trips, the engine was a necessary attribute for us. Nevertheless, 2 years ago we decided to switch to a motor boat because we cannot miss sailing. It was important to us that it had to be a seaworthy boat on which we could still make nice trips along the coasts, but also enjoy the Netherlands and the tidal flats. For longer trips along the European coasts, speed, efficiency and comfortable sailing are important. After one season of sailing with a used Sturiër ST 520, we opted for a new Sturiër 565 OC. Because of our desire for maximum comfort and efficient sailing on longer trips, we tested a Hull Vane® on our boat. We were very surprised by the result. When sailing above 9 knots, the Hull Vane® prevents the swim platform from being pushed underwater. This significantly reduces noise on the aft deck and in the cockpit. Especially at higher speeds, this makes a big difference. Inside, the noise level has also become lower. So we can still stay nice and relaxed in the sun! Also very nice is that the fuel saving between 5 to 10 knots is well over 20% and our range increases considerably. Remarkably, the stern wave decreases tremendously at 6 knots, both at sea and certainly in the canals. Great for shoring and boats lying on the shore. The sea trial with the Hull Vane® on our boat has far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to beautiful and comfortable trips thanks to our quiet engines.

Herman Schaap

Owner Hemera