12.5m M/Y Tryvia 1250 GT


Scope of case study

  • Length: 12.5m
  • Built by: Tryvia Jachten
  • Installation: 2021 Hull Vane® retrofitted,
  • Hull Vane type: TT-shaped
  • Speed: 13 knots

Interesting fact

For our holidays at sea, we wanted more cruising comfort for our 12.5-metre steel motor yacht. We then came into contact with Hull Vane.

We agreed that anything that adds to the comfort of sailing would be added to the vessel. Especially since we also make long trips over sea. This matched the “promise” of the Hull Vane®.

Most important to us was that the sound of the water behind the ship, in the cockpit, would be much reduced. We had already had the engine “wrapped” in a lead jacket to reduce noise, but the sound of water behind the ship got even worse. The Hull Vane® now ensures that water noise is greatly reduced. Nice thing is that this is also visible because behind the ship, the water is greatly smoothed and the ship’s progress becomes visible in an orbit behind the ship. And thanks to the Hull Vane®, the boat makes a much lower stern wave. 

The stabiliser already on board serves to counteract the vessel rolling from port to starboard and the Hull Vane catches the longitudinal movement.

In short, in our experience, the Hull Vane® adds a lot to the comfort of sailing. So definitely worth the investment!

Theo Bouwen

Owner, 12.5m Tryvia