10.70m M/Y Grand Sturdy 35 – Lenni 4


Scope of case study

  • Length: 10.70m
  • Built by: Linssen Yachts
  • Installation: retrofit
  • Hull Vane type: TT-shaped
  • Speed: 8 knots

Interesting fact

The Hull Vane® has been built at the Workumer Jachtservice shipyard with exemplary craftsmanship and precisely adapted to the ship. The necessary welding work has also been carried out without leaving any traces – Constructively, this wing – sits above the propeller stream and hydrodynamically directs the incoming flow over the wing profile. This creates a straight stern wave. The normal turbulent and energy-consuming stern wave is eliminated during sailing. This also has the effect of a much smaller stern wave. At e.g. 5.0 knots speed, there is hardly any of the unpleasant swell on the shore.

When sailing on the IJsselmeer, the following picture emerges:
With the waves approaching the ship from the front, the “pitching motion” is noticeably dampened – with the waves running sideways to the ship, the rolling motion is partly mitigated – but not compensated. In any case, it is necessary to accommodate all movable objects seaworthy inside the ship. 

One notices a support of the Hull Vane® in the orbital underwater movement, but of course, depending on the sea state, the lateral movement is clearly noticeable and must be compensated for by possibly strong support on board. 

Crucially, however, the Hull Vane® has given me a sense of security, because the ship is no longer at the mercy of the wave action – especially sideways approaching – without stability support.

The Hull Vane® is a safety element – additional roll-dampening systems could contribute to a really final calming of the rolling movements.


M/Y Lenni