18m Van der Valk Continental 1800 – Aqua Qi


Scope of case study

  • Length: 18 meter
  • Built by: Van der Valk Shipyard
  • Installation: 2021 Hull Vane retrofitted
  • Hull Vane type: TT-shaped Hull Vane, appended
  • Speed: xx knots.

Interesting fact

After installing the Hull Vane®, we immediately put it to the test. While sailing, we noticed that the ship was calmer overall. We also soon realised that the stern waves were lower than before. We now need less power and fuel to achieve the same speed. Our ship has become quieter and has less vibrating. This gives us more cruising comfort. Our vessel also stamps less in waves, making longer trips even more enjoyable. We are very satisfied with our decision to install the Hull Vane®!

Sandra and Syb Miedema

Owners Aqua Qi