Wageningen, 24 April 2019 – During the latest METSTRADE show in Amsterdam, Sichterman Yachts has signed an agreement with Hull Vane BV to equip all their future motoryachts with the energy-saving and comfort-enhancing Hull Vane®. Sichterman is a new name in the Dutch motoryacht segment, but it is founded on the experience of building traditional leeboard sailing yachts for decades. The company offers a range of motoryachts with lengths of 15 to 26 meters.

Bart Rehe, CEO at Sichterman Yachts: “Our company is characterised by an eye for detail and a focus on comfortable sailing. Just like sailing yachts, motoryachts are intended to sail out of the marina in all kinds of weather conditions. We have evaluated the Hull Vane® for our range of yachts and we are convinced it provides a very tangible added value, both in terms of efficiency and comfort. For Sichterman Yachts, optimal efficiency and comfort are not options, but part of the total package. We see all too often that options are eliminated by owners’ representatives to reduce build costs, while the owner is actually missing out on what he wanted. By specifying the Hull Vane® as a standard component, we can offer a cleanly integrated solution. Two Hull Vanes have already been built for Sichterman.”

Niels Moerke, co-owner of Hull Vane BV: “Through the application of the Hull Vane®, the Sichterman yachts will generate less waves, will have a longer range at cruise speed and a lower fuel consumption. The shallow-water effect will be reduced a lot because of the high lift force generated by the Hull Vane® at a relatively low speed. The yachts will sail even-keel at all speeds and there is no speed range which has to be avoided, which is often called “hump speed”. A CFD analysis in head waves on the 17.6 m Sichterman model has shown that pitching will be reduced by about 15%, which makes the boat feel like it has a “softer suspension”.  A sports car with a hard suspension is fun, but nobody likes to drive it on a cobblestone road, which is exactly what the water surface very often is.”

Sichterman Yachts is the first yachtbuilder which will include Hull Vane® as standard on all its yachts in its range on which it is applicable.

Hull Vane®

The Hull Vane® is a patented fixed hydrowing that is placed below the stern of a ship, saving energy and improving seakeeping. This ’hydrofoil’ influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift, which is partially oriented forward and reduces the ship’s resistance. The Hull Vane® was invented by Dr. Ir. Peter van Oossanen. Since 2014 Hull Vane BV is operating in the worldwide maritime market, with a special focus on yachts, naval and patrol vessels and ferries.