Hull Vane BV is the first solution to be verified by Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) for their Database of Sustainable Solutions. The review was based on a lifecycle analysis (LCA) carried out for a Hull Vane® application on a typical newbuild 500 gross tonnage displacement yacht. Interesting fact: the emissions to produce a Hull Vane® are only 1% of the emissions mitigated during 20 years of operation. The applied average operational profile of the yacht was based on a large survey of the usage of yachts over 30m, carried out by WRF for their Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) project.

Even though superyachts have less yearly cruising hours compared to commercial vessels, they can significantly reduce their environmental impact by retrofitting a Hull Vane®, or by specifying a Hull Vane® during the design phase.

Hull Vane® scored a reduction of 14 to 15% on all impact criteria, which include greenhouse gases, particulate matter, NOx and SOx.

‘It is crucial for suppliers of solutions that they let their environmental claims be verified by an independent third party. This helps them promote and the customer understand the improvements it brings’, says Robert van Tol – executive director of Water Revolution Foundation. ‘For yachting to reduce its environmental footprint, solutions verified using Life Cycle Analysis and based on the real operational profile of yachts should be implemented as soon as possible. Hull Vane® turned out to be a great solution and we’re pleased that they were the first to embrace our LCA verification assessment for being promoted among key decision makers as immediate reduction.’

Hull Vane® is already a big success in the yacht market. The most discerning yacht owners specify Hull Vane® on their newbuilds both for environmental reasons and for improved comfort. Yachts with Hull Vane® have much less noise on the aft deck (from the wake) and improved seakeeping. Several yacht builders who have tried Hull Vane on a newbuild now include Hull Vane® as standard on their new series, offering best-in-class efficiency and comfort.