Hull Vane nominated for Maritime Innovation Award 2015

Jul 31, 2015

Out of eleven submissions, Hull Vane has been retained as one of the four finalists for the Maritime Innovation Award with its energy saving device the Hull Vane®. On 4 September 2015, all innovations will be presented in detail to the jury. The winner will be announced at the Maritime Awards Gala on the second of November. The event takes place in a spectacular location this year: a gigantic former submarine construction hall in the Port of Rotterdam, which was converted into an event location by the Port of Rotterdam and re-opened in March 2015.

Alongside Hull Vane, the other nominations are Huisman with the Hybrid Boom Crane, VAF Instruments with the TT-Sense shaft power and torque meter and Van der Velden Marine Systems with the Flex Tunnel. Incidentally, the TT-Sense shaft power and torque meter provides an excellent tool to measure the impact of the Hull Vane on a ship’s resistance during sea trials before and after retrofitting.

The Maritime Innovation Award has been handed out yearly since 2000 with the goal of giving recognition to the innovative nature of the Dutch Maritime and Offshore industry.