Hull Vane B.V. in The Netherlands introduces the Hull Vane®

Jul 17, 2014

Hull Vane B.V. in the Netherlands introduces the Hull Vane®:a foil which significantly reduces the fuel consumption of ships.

How does it work?

The upward flow at the stern of the vessel allows the foil-shaped appendage to generate a forward thrust force, reducing the resistance of the vessel. The Hull Vane® also reduces the running trim and the stern wave generated by the ship. Furthermore, the Hull Vane® dampens the pitch and heave motions in waves, reducing the added resistance caused by ship motions.

Ships suitable for the Hull Vane®

The technology of the Hull Vane® is particularly suitable for, but not limited to, ferries, passenger ships, container vessels, multi-purpose vessels, ro-ro ships, naval vessels, and motor yachts. The reduction in fuel consumption depends on the ship’s length, speed, and hull shape. Proven fuel savings range from 5% – 15% on commercial and naval ships.

Hull Vane® at SMM in Hamburg

The Hull Vane® will be presented at SMM 2014 in Hamburg at booth 312 in Hall A1. Hull Vane will unveil a 4-metre replica of the fuel saving device. Representatives of the company will explain the working principles of the Hull Vane® and the investment opportunity it presents.