Alive nominated for the World Superyachts Awards 2015

Feb 10, 2015

Van Oossanen Naval Architects is nominated with four yachts for the World Superyachts Awards 2015. Hull Vane BV is pleased to announce that among these yachts is the Alive, the first Hull Vane® equipped superyacht.

The Hull Vane® consists of a foil positioned below the hull of a ship or yacht by means of struts. For motor yachts fuel savings of up to 25% and averaging 20% can be reached over the total speed range. The Hull Vane® also reduces the pitching motions and vertical accelerations of the yacht in heavy seas due to the damping effect of the foil below the hull.

For this particular application, the Hull Vane® reduces the resistance by 23.5% compared to the same vessel without a Hull Vane®. Because the yacht is also designed with Van Oossanen Naval Architects’ Fast Displacement Hull Form, the total fuel consumption is reduced by 30% and the range is significantly improved. Tank tests at the Wolfson Unit in Southampton also showed a reduction of the pitching motions in seaway, leading to an increase in comfort for Alive’s guests.

The World Superyacht Award Show will be held on May 9th in Amsterdam, and is organized by Boat International Media. More information can be found here.