Hull Vane® retrofit on OPV Thémis

Jun 12, 2018

Shipyard Constructions Méchaniques de Normandy (CMN) of Cherbourg, France, recently conducted sea trials on the OPV Thémis from the French Coastguard (Affaires Maritimes). The 52 m patrol vessel received a hydrodynamic upgrade at the shipyard by retrofitting the patented Hull Vane®, an underwater wing which reduces the ship’s resistance. The result is a lower fuel consumption (10 to 20% depending of the speed) and emissions, a longer range and improved seakeeping. Thémis is the first Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) to be equipped with a Hull Vane®. The OPV is a ship type which Hull Vane BV expects to become one of their major markets. About a dozen studies and model tests have indicated similar savings on patrol vessels ranging from 25 metres to 108 metres. The Hull Vane® was built of steel in the Netherlands and was transported to Cherbourg by truck. CMN was in charge of the installation and the structural integration, including a lengthening of the divers’ platform. CMN is the first naval shipbuilder to propose Hull Vane® as a mid-life performance upgrade to their existing customers, which was highly appreciated by their client.

The retrofit is a concrete action of the Affaires Maritimes to reduce the CO2 emissions of their fleet. By choosing for Hull Vane®, they achieve this goal while reducing operating costs and improving working conditions onboard.