Blue Efficiency shop

The Hull Vane® is a proven energy saving device for fast displacement vessels. Each Hull Vane® is custom-designed (using Computational Fluid Dynamics software) for a ship to achieve the highest level of performance.  A lot of recreational motoryacht owners are interested in the advantages offered by the Hull Vane®: lower fuel costs and emissions, a longer range and improved seakeeping. Unfortunately, the design costs of the Hull Vane® often made this cost-prohibitive for steel-hulled displacement motoryachts in the range of 10 to 20 meter, even though the vessel type is very suitable from a technical point of view.

Following the market demand from this segment, we have established – in collaboration with shipyard Workumer Jachtservice – the Blue Efficiency Shop to provide a cost-effective answer. Through a systematic analysis of dozens of typical motorcruisers, with lengths of 10 to 20 m, and a top speed of 8 to 12  knots, we have developed a tool to predict the optimal Hull Vane® geometry and position for these vessels, without the need for an individual optimisation per boat. To reduce the build costs, we use standardised components, and to reduce installation costs and installation time, we work together with the experienced yacht service company Workumer Jachthaven, who have established a swift procedure for the retrofit.

The Blue Efficiency Shop means that motoryacht owners can now bring their yacht to the yard on Monday morning, and sail out on Friday afternoon with a retrofitted Hull Vane® at a reasonable cost. For the rest of the lifetime of the yacht, they are assured of lower fuel costs, an improved range, a higher top speed, reduced wavemaking and improved seakeeping.  If your yacht deserves a midlife performance upgrade, contact us for more information.

Download a copy of the article which appeared in Motorboot Magazine in November 2018 (in Dutch) here.


This project is powered by the Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO).